Crystal Cave Hints


- Dig ground on the tile 1 and the tile right from it but do not release boulders above.
- Release boulder 2 and push it 1 tile left.
- Push joker 3 left, joker 4 up, then joker 3 down. Now release boulders above you and get to the upper left corner of the cave.
- Push 5 up.
- Push 6 right and let the gem above you fall down and break the brick bellow. Then you can take it.
- Move 7 under the wall 8, go back and push the fallen 6 left.
- Now go around the wall 8, push joker right from it down and then move joker 7 back under the boulder 9 to its initial position.
- Move joker under the boulder 9 to the left, so the 9 falls on the joker 7.
- Push boulder 9 right. It will break two bricks.
- Push 10 down and 11 right.
- Dig down. Push 12 down to the wall.
- Take gem and push 13 left.
- Take another gem and push 14 left.
- Push 15 right until you reach the wall.
- Push 16 down and 17 left until you get it next to the joker 13.
- Now go up and push joker 18 left. You will release boulder 6 and break the bricks. Now you can take the gem.
- Go back to the place, where you moved joker 15. Release boulder 19 and the one above it. You should see the situation on picture B.

Now it's easy.

- Push 20 right.
- Push 21 down.
- Push 22 two steps right. Take two gems under your feet.
- Dig the ground next to the boulder and push 20 down.
- Push 23 right and take the last gem.