Crystal Cave Hints


- Dig all ground marked by number 1. One boulder will fall down.
- Boulder 2 is free now so move him 2 steps left.
- Follow quickly the blue arrows and don't let anything to fall on your head.
- Boulder 3 is free now. Move him left as far as possible.
- Then follow the green arrows and push boulder 4 left. Be very quick again.
- Move up, then 2 steps left, then push boulder to the right side. You should be in the situation on picture B.

- Dig ground 5.
- Dig ground 6.
- You will see two lonely boulders down there. Move them to the left wall.
- Now dig ground 7 and run DOWN quickly to te position marked by number 8. Don't try to dodge left, take shortest way to number 8!
- Push the boulder left from you to the left side.
- Dig ground 9 and run to the 8 again, but avoid ground 10.
- Push boulder left of you left.
- Dig 10, run to the 11 and again, push the boulder left until you reach the wall.
- Now realease the final boulder above the 11. Now all the 8-balls are free to move to the left.

Final phase is a little bit tricky. Push 12 and run quickly around it. You have to push all 8-balls off its way or else they will change its direction and you will lose. If you are qick enough, boulder 12 will fall all the way down and break the rock with the only gem in the cave.