Crystal Cave Hints


To succeed in this level it is absolutelly necessary not to dig or take anything that is not directly mentioned in this solution.

- Push boulder next to you left.
- Follow the blue arrow. Don't dig or take anything that is not on the marked path!
- Boulder 1 will fall on the gem and move left. After that take he gem and push boulder 1 two steps left.
- Go down and move boulder 2 left. Don't dig the groud 3.
- Go back and drop boulder 1 on breakable bricks.
- Follow the opened path and push boulder 4 left.
- Release gem 5 and let it fall down on the breakable brick.
- Push joker up to the position 6 under boulder 8.
- Let boulder 8 fall on the joker and then push it right.
- Dig the ground in row marked by 7 but none else.
- Get back to the joker and move him around the boulder to the position 9.
- Move boulder 8 to on the breakable brick (boulder 4 was here in the begining).
- Dig ground marked by 'X'. Ground 10 must stay untouched.
- Push joker all the way around and place it to the position 12.
- Go around again (gem 11 must stay, where it is) and move boulder 8 to the position 13.
- Now dig ground 10 and release gem 11.
- Push boulder 14 right. Then move joker down to the position 15.
- When all this is done, you can release gems gathered above the position 13. Be sure all of them fall left of the boulder to the position 13. Now you see the situation on the picture B.

- Move 16 left as far as possible.
- Push 19 off the wall and move it to the position 20.
- Now collect all gems around the joker and move joker to the position 21.
- Move 19 left as far as possible.
- push 22 off the wall and move it left as far as possible.
- Release boudler 23, take gem and release the spider. Let it go out and follow him.
- Don't take the red gems now, dig the webs around it instead. Prepare them next to the pit so that you can use them to smash spiders head, when it comes back.
- After that collect the rest of the gems.