Crystal Cave Hints


- Get out of the corner. Boulders and the 8-ball mustn't move. (see picture 1)
- Drop the gem 1 and run quickly to the position above number 5. You have to block that place to make the gem fall right to the position 2. (see picture 2)
- Dig ground marked by 3 and 4, but nothing else.
- Push glass brick one step right. (see picture 3)
- Move joker below number 9 to the position marked by number 4. (see picture 4)
- Push 8-ball right. It will stop next to the glass one. (see picture 5)
- Move joker down to the position 5.
- Drop the glass on the joker (see picture 6) and push it to the position 6. (see picture 7)
- Now take purple gems and get boulder 7 on position 8. Dig all the ground around there. (see picture 8)
- Move glass right as far as posible. (see picture 9)

- Now the big dirty trick: release boulders by digging ground 9. Go 2 steps down and dodge left. First boulder will fall and hit the wall, then another one will hit the first one and start to move right. Push the lower boulder in this moment. Moving lower, boulder blocks the way for the moving of the upper boulder, so as long as you push the lower one, the upper one can not hit the ground. (see picture 10) Move both of them like this to the position 8. (see picture 11)

- When you reach the other boulders, move upper one right so that it falls next to the glass. (see picture 12)
- Break the glass and move boulder to the position 10. It will break the rock and you will get the access to the blue gem. Take it. (see picture 13)
- Go down to the lower right corner of the cave. Break the glass and take the purple gem. (see picture 14)
- Now move second joker next to the first one. (see picture 15)
- Blue arrows will show the way to the 8-ball. Dig first few tiles of it, but not all of them. Then block the holes by the jokers (see picture 16) and push the 8-ball. (see picture 17)
- 8-ball will stop, so you have a chance to move one of the jokers back to the position 10. (see picture 18)
- Now dig the rest of the way marked by the arrows and finish your trick shot. (see picture 19) 8-ball will fall down, change the direction and finally break the last rock with gem in.