Crystal Cave Hints


- Take gem to the right and push boulder 1 right.
- Push boulder 3 steps left and dig webs marked by 2.
- Now follow the blue arrows and release the boulders. You have to end up on the right side of them.
- Push all incoming boulder left and after each push go back right.
- When boulders stop falling follow the green arrows.
- Push one left, go back, push another one left - two steps this time. Push the last one to the right. You will be in situation in the picture B.

- Dig web 3 and let everything fall down.
- Push 4 left.
- Move joker up.
- Dig webs marked by 5.
- Get joker to the position 6.
- Now follow the blue arrows and run quikly to the position 7. You must block the falling boulders to fall right.
- Wait while things are moving. After everything stops, dig the ground 8 and go down and right.
- Push all incoming boulder left.
- Follow he green arrows, take just the lowest row of the gems. Then drop the acid on the gem. Take everything except of the gem under the acid. Let the acid move left of the wall.
- Now move acid to the metal plate and the rest is easy.