A hint for the level TORMADO by Joe Pokorak (Thanks Joe!)

This one is tricky. You have to make several of the moves right in a row, with no pauses. I've tried to indicate these 'combination' moves by underlining them.

Except when you're running an underlined sequence, let all of the rocks and crystals settle before the next move.

Save your level often . A great place is after you get down to 41 crystals left.

When you start cleaning up the upper left level - remember NOT to touch anything in Colum # 9(counting from the left). You can pick up crystals that topple over to columns 10 thru 15.

Here We Go !

U-U-D-R-U (80 to Go!)
L-U-L-L-R (75 to Go!)
L-U-L-U-L-U (69 to Go!)
D-R - D-R-U - L-U-R-R (61 to Go!)
D-D-R - U - D-R - D-R - R-L (56 to Go!)

You're through the trickiest ! Make sure you save level incase you mess up from here out. _:-)

D-L - U - R (41 to Go!)

SAVE after all of your hard work.

Clean up the upper left (remember, stay in columns 10 - 15)

Go clean up the upper left, be careful about how that upper left rock falls. You don't want it to lock you up after all this work !

When you get to 6 crystals near the upper half, in the center, it is time to finish it up.

You'll be ending in the middle of rocks, but that is OK.

Go D-L - D-L - U - D


84 to go:

62 to go:

25 to go: